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Ysl Fragrance Icons Eau De Parfum 7.5ml Gift Set

Ysl Fragrance Icons Eau De Parfum 7.5ml Gift Set

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Black Opium Eau de Parfum 7.5ml, Libre Eau de Parfum 7.5ml, Mon Paris Eau de Parfum 7.5ml

•    For light intensity: spray in a cloud around your head and shoulders, let the fragrance fall gently around you.
•    For medium intensity: spray in a y-shape across your body, beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other. If you are wearing jewellery it is a great alternative to spraying your neck.
•    For added intensity: apply perfume directly to your pulse points and / or hot spots (wrist, inner elbow and lower neck). Here the heat of your body will allow the fragrance to reveal its full trail. Include shoulders and back to intensify your perfume trail.

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